How to start a blog and make money?

How to start a blog and make money?

Blogging is fun, blogging is creative. If you are craving for fun and want to give your creative side a kick, start blogging today. Read further to know more if you have never done it before, even if you have, you will only get to learn and more. Welcome to the world of knowledge.

Create your own blog by following simple ways mentioned below:-

# Learn-unlearn-learn

Yes you read right, do not be alarmed. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and if you write something without doing much research, there are many whales out there in the sea and you may be meager small fish. Stay away from getting ignored and not read at all.

Research will bring knowledge and better performance while writing. You will be able to apply several permutation and combinations to get the write piece written.

# Seek Guidance

There are ways of doing different things. Same applies for blogging too. If you haven’t started with blogging, observe the world around. See how others are blogging and learn for yourself. It is very much possible to be unaware about – how to write a blog post?

A picture says a thousand words- indeed. But! Some blogs may have the need for a video to be attached to support your work. So beware and smart, collect the material needed for the topic you are focusing on and then move ahead.

Wondering about – how to start your own blog? The moment you start to feel that you are writing a letter, you have hit the bull’s eye! Write in conversational style, this will keep your reader engaged.

Another trick is to keep asking questions, at least in the end you must. This will help you have some reviews and let you gain goodwill. There is no style that may give competition to interactive style.

# What’s your content about?

Nobody likes to read obvious. Yes, writing about ‘why education is must’ may not fetch readership / views for the simple reason people already know about the benefits of education. Had they not been educated themselves, they wouldn’t be reading your write up.

Value- is what they look for. Each second is important when one is at the virtual world. Be cautious, keep the reader hooked.

# Looks

Looks do matter- amongst humans or your blog, it is the universal truth. If it is all text and no picture, you are dead. Yes you are.

None would want to read all texts with no pictures attached for the reader to visualize. How to start blog ?It is quite obvious that you have learned a lot by now.

# Publish and share

It is all about demand pull and then hit the market.

Once you have done your research over what topic to write on and what all to write about, half battle is already won – Demand Pulled

Now is the time to push your work in the market for readers to read. At some point you will do it. SO go ahead. Be prepared for the worst and expect the best.

Share your work as much as you may to let maximum number of readers read your creation. You may take help of social networking sites if needed for better responses and work. Contact your friends on facebook to help you with the details.

How to start a blog and make money?

You do make money online through blogs, but like any other business, this too does not guarantee any money return. Your earnings are directly proportional to how much efforts and time you invest on it.

Money making through a way like this, is fun but is only for serious people. It is almost like going to work every day, the only difference is, you stay at home in your pyjamas and have got no one to impress through flattery or clothes. You get monetary rewards for every single second you invest, stay easy and calm, and invest your efforts in the right direction because sky is the limit here.

If you maintain regularity and respect your own work, you will gain goodwill for yourself and come across as someone credible in the virtual world.

TO become a brand- does not happen overnight. It is years of struggle and efforts that lead to what you are having at present with you. Being serious and committed is what that needs to be. If you give respect to yourself, write good blogs, then becoming a name won’t be tough. Stay easy and calm, if you write with a cool head and genuinely, you write well, there is no shortcut to success.

How to market your Blog?

  • Seek help from social networking sites – Facebook is the whale in this genre.
  • Try email marketing
  • Connect at forums online
  • Connect with Other Bloggers

Such will help you fetch readership and yes, people will start to register your presence in the market. Stay easy, it is just the second step you took.

Blogging is a great way of utilizing your time effectively and efficiently. While sitting at home, you may explore the world and have fun while doing it. TO let the world know that you exist, you need not go to an office dressed finely wearing expensive clothes. You do not have to speak polished words / language. All you have to do is support your own self.

If you are true to yourself, are dedicated towards what you have started, passionate about the same, then the chances of failure are very low. Do not make a mockery of the virtual world; it is very powerful and strong. Take the best of the best in the best possible way. Write smart, stay regular, and maintain follow up and the world will register your presence.