12 Ways To Increase Youtube Video Views and Subscribers

Do you publish YouTube videos regularly or planning to do so? Then this is the perfect guide for you. It goes without saying that your video needs to have good content and originality. Alongside, you also need to pay focus on the aspect of doing proper YouTube marketing and promotion. Without proper steps, your video will get lost in the crowd of many even after having a good content. Here are some of the essential and easy steps for you to grow your youtube Videos and Subscribers, follow if you want a measurable result.

Title of  Youtube Video

Choose Eye Catching Title of youtube Videos

Is your title attractive enough for the viewers to click? Your video title needs to be clear and creative. The obscure title may seem like fun but will end up harming the traffic. Moreover, remember to add keywords to the title. You can come up with the apt keywords after proper research through the various tools. Some of the things that you should keep in mind while writing the title are to keep it to-the-point and short. Mentioning the year, using emotion triggering words, and capitalizing help. This effort can push your video towards increased viewership leading to profit.

Seek the help of social media

Share your youtube videos on Social Media Websites

Social media platforms give your youtube video the chance to be viral.  For a video blogger, it is very important to create a community outside the platform of YouTube. It is because they will also serve as the ways of generating traffic for your video.  Some of the most popular social media sites that you should explore are Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram. There are tools using which you can schedule your video for posting. Make sure that post at regular intervals to maintain a consistent presence. Do not forget to add the proper hashtags in the video.

Youtube Video Tags

Youtube Videos Tags

The portion of tagging given while you upload your video is not for fun. It actually helps your video to get recognized by the search engine crawlers. That is why it’s important that you use the correct tags. Using the proper one will help in the organic promotion of your video. Even, you can edit the tags of old videos to give them a push towards visibility. Along with the generic tags make sure to use some specific tags that can promote your brand name. Also, use those tags that can provide a high rank for the videos. There are tools you can use to find out the tags well-suited for your video.

Youtube Playlist creation

This is mainly applicable to the old videos. To stir up the traffic, you can make YouTube playlist for the videos. Moreover, you can edit, delete or add videos in accordance with the necessity. Make sure that you give a meaningful name to the playlist. It will help you in getting attention. Along with that put a proper description that provides the viewers with clarity.

Custom thumbnail

The verified accounts on YouTube have the special benefit of using the custom thumbnail feature. With a good thumbnail your chances of getting noticed instantly increases. Make sure to have an acceptable resolution like 1280*720. Also, the accepted formats are .JPG, .GIF, .BMP, or .PNG. Try to keep the aspect ratio as 16:9 as that will help your thumbnail to be properly seen both on the desktop and mobile platforms. Last but not the least, keep the size under 2 MB. Smart effort on Thumbnail creation can help your video to gain high traffic.

Call to action

You are making effort to create a video and market the same. Hence, there is a purpose for the video. Make sure to put that purpose in form of a call to action. The viewers need to be told that there are certain actions that they need to take. You will be amazed that even by simply asking there is a chance to bring an increase in your traffic.

Optimize the channel

How is your youtube channel different from the others? Of course, the main difference will lie in the content. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot optimize your channel. Ensure that your profile reflects certain aspects of your brand too. Make use of the logo and brand color. Choose a proper background and social media buttons that can help in optimizing your youtube channel.

Stay active

Stay Active on Youtube

Your work is not only posting a youtube video and forgetting about the same. YouTube is a platform that gives you the chance to get direct feedback from your audience. Make sure to use that to your advantage. Of course, don’t give in to offensive comments but take the criticism on a positive note. This will also help you in understanding the demand and desire of your youtube audience.

Contest/ Give away

It’s essential to create a buzz once in a while to connect with your existing audience and acquire the new ones. There are two reasons that make a content work. First, it instills a feeling of competition among the audience and everyone wants to win. Also, when you gave free reward then that is certainly something your audiences will appreciate. You can actually ask them to increase the reach of your channel by the aspects of subscribing, sharing, and more.

Branding- Youtube Channel Intro Video

Your video is a means of marketing for your brand. Ensure that while focusing on the video you also take care of the aspect of branding. Give a quick intro at the beginning or end of the video. It will help in ensuring brand recognition. Also, this will promote the aspect of brand recall. This also includes logos and other brand identification content.


Collaborate with other YouTube bloggers to exchange the pool of audience. This also creates a much more human approach for the viewers. You will experience that with good content and proper collaboration, your audience count has increased.

Youtube Interview with other creators

Youtube Video Interview

Try and interview the industry influencers on your video. This sets your credibility and creates the image of authenticity in mind of your audience. Moreover, when you provide worthy information then the traffic keeps coming back for more. It will also bring new traffic.

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