How to Monetise your Blog?

Working from the comforts of home and generating a good income would be the dream of many. With the rise of Internet, it’s getting easier every day. Here I am going to discuss about an amazing way to make money online – Start a blog.

How to Monetise your Blog

You cannot start earning money just by starting a blog. To earn money, you need to monetise your blog. Here I am discussing about the most popular techniques to monetise your content.

Google Adsense

This is the most popular way to monetize your blog. You can generate a steady income from your blog using Google Adsense.

For this first you have to register your blog with Google Adsense. Getting your blog approved with Google Adsense is not an easy task. To get approved by Google Adsense, a blog is expected to have at least 10-15 articles of 500-800 words each. Google promotes only publishers who deliver quality content. So make sure your articles are free from plagiarism as well as devoid of grammatical and factual errors.

Once your approval is done, Google will start displaying advertisements relevant to your niche (your blog topic) on your blog. Both CPC and CPM options are available with Google Adsense. CPC stands for Cost per Click i.e. you will be paid whenever your readers actually click on any of the ad displayed. CPM or Cost per thousand Impressions i.e. you will get paid for every 1000 views for your blog. But with Adsense, you don’t have any control on these options. It’s the advertiser who decides this. From the revenue collected from the advertisers, Adsense pay 68% to the content providers and 32% is the commission for Adsense.

Google AdsenseApart from Adsense, there are also other ad networks like Infolinks, VigLink etc. It’s better to work with a single ad network as too many ads will spoil the user experience for your blog. For a beginner blogger, the best option is Adsense. Apart from being Google’s own advertisement program, Adsense has many benefits over other ad networks.

Adsense is a contextual advertisement program – that is Adsense displays advertisements that are related to your blog content. In this way your CTR (Click through Rate) would be more and therefore more earnings. For example, if you are monetising a travel blog, Google Adsense displays advertisements for hotels, flights or other travel advertisements. So there are high chances for your readers to click on the ads thus increasing CTR.

Move beyond Adsense

This method of making money from your blog is to think beyond Adsense or any other third party advertisement networks. We have already seen that Adsense charges you 32% commission from your earnings. So once you have a large number of subscribers, you can directly deal with companies looking for advertising space. In this model, you have full control over the advertisements on your blog. Moreover, there is no risk of being penalised by Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

Many of the newbie bloggers are confused about whether to go for affiliate marketing or Google Adsense to monetise their blog. Let’s see how they are different. Once you understand the differences between the two you can select the one according to your convenience (or even use both).

Affiliate Marketing has many advantages over Google Adsense. Affiliate marketing pays much more than Adsense. With affiliate marketing, you would have more control over your ads. And again joining an affiliate network is easier than getting an approved Adsense account.

Affiliate MarketingYou can add affiliate links of various products or services related to your blog. In this way you are vouching for these products or services before your audience. When your readers purchase such products through these affiliate links in your blog, you would be paid a commission by the respective company. This commission is as high as 50-70% of the price of the product or service. For example, when one of your reader purchases a product costing 100$ through an affiliate link in your blog, if the commission is 70%, the company pays you 70$ straightaway.

So Adsense is more of a steady income, while with Affiliate marketing it’s either big money or zero. With affiliate marketing, only the pages with affiliate links would be making money for you, but in case of Adsense all your webpages would be generating income for you. So in short Adsense is an essential monetising mode in a blog.

For a newbie blogger, it’s wise to start with Adsense alone and when the blog gets enough subscribers, one can opt for a combination of Adsense and Affiliate marketing.  While working with affiliate links make sure you don’t flood your content with affiliate links thereby ruining user experience. This might lead to termination of your Adsense account.

Some of the important affiliate advertising networks are ClickBank, AffiliateWindow, Amazon Affiliate Network, ShareASale etc.

Sell your products

Sell your products and ServicesOnce you have a loyal audience and a steady traffic, you can start selling your products through your blog. For example, you can add eBooks related to your Blog niche in your blog. Your readers could download them after paying for them. You can also sell your services through your blog. If you are having an impressive blog, you can add a “Hire me” option in your blog for jobs related to your niche.

Paid Reviews

This can be considered as an extension to affiliate marketing. Look for products that are related to your niche. Once you have good number of subscribers companies selling products related to your niche, might approach you for writing reviews about their products in your blog. But make sure you don’t write reviews for increasing your affiliate network, but to help your readers find the right products or services.

Paid Reviews So far we have seen some of the most popular ways for monetising your blog. Each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. By strategically using combinations of these techniques could help you make high income through your blog. My advice would be to go for Adsense in the initial stage, and use a combination of Adsense, Affiliate marketing and direct advertising in the mature stage.


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