9 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools

If you are facing grammar and spelling mistakes while writing, don’t panic because you are not the only one facing this issue and secondly there are numerous tried Online Grammar Checker Tools that can help you to writer error free articles. These tools are used by millions of bloggers every day. Here we present the 9 Best Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools that can easily fix the common English mistakes in your document to save you from getting embarrassed in front of others. Not only this, these software and tools can help you to enhance your writing skills. Let’s explore!

1-  Grammarly Grammar Checker

If you are looking for a best online grammar checker tool, look no forward than Grammarly! It is one of the top-notch online grammar and punctuation checker tool that works very effectively in finding the spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in the documents. It is used by millions of users all around the globe because of its advanced and enhanced features. This tool is not completely free to use but still, its chrome extension is free to use and can help anyone to write a flawless content.

Grammerly Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tool

Grammarly offers host of benefits like fixation of your spelling and grammatical mistakes, detection of your punctuation mistakes like apostrophe, comma, hyphen, splice etc. by using this amazing tool. But If you pay for its premium paid version, you can avail many more features including Vocabulary enhancement, plagiarism detection etc. You can visit their official website to avail the free extension to improve your vocab, writing and punctuation skills. Not only this, but you can also correct your spelling mistakes whenever you work online on any other platform also, like Gmail, Facebook etc. It will automatically detect the spelling error and will show you for the correct spellings for the same.  Due to such reliable features, it is highly recommended over other tools and always tops the list of the best grammar check online free no download features. It instantly starts its job as soon as you start writing and the entire error detection and correction is made on the basis of English rules. The mistakes get highlighted with red and green underlines. Also, you can look for the synonyms of a word by double-clicking on it. Yes! You can also upload your copy to their online platform for proofreading in no time. All in all, hands down, it is the most recommended free online grammar checker.

 2-  Polish My Writing

Polish My Writing Also known as “After the Deadline”, is another free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector which is used by thousands of users every day. It is maintained by the company “Automattic”.  It is very easy to use and flawless online spelling checker tool that works very speedily to address the English grammar mistakes. It has features like Spelling checker, grammar and punctuation detection etc.After the Deadline ree grammar and punctuation checker and correctorYou can visit their website, enter the text you want to get corrected and then click on “check writing” button and result will be displayed.  All your spell, punctuation and grammar checking will be done to make sure that your writing is error-free. This tool really helps one to improve his/her writing skills in shorter span of time. This power-packed spelling and grammar checker tool is a very robust online grammar checker tool that even checks for the minor errors. The site also offers the users the facility to download the software from their site for free.

3-  Reverso

Now, this tool offers something different i.e. it can help you to translate your document into other languages like Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, German, Portuguese, Japanese etc. You can visit their website, enter or paste your text for free grammar and punctuation check.

Reverso free grammar and punctuation checkIf you want to get your content translated into some other language, you can do that as well. Reverso app is also available for the androids or iPhones users. What else? There are dictionaries as well that can help you to know the meanings of complex words as well. All in all, this tool is really beneficial in improving the overall writing and understanding.

4-  Spell Check 24

This powerful free online grammar checker tool helps you to do Spell check,  Grammar check, Word density analysis, Filler word analysis and much more. Its special feature called “Analyze” helps you to analyze the readability of your text.

Spell Checker 24 free online grammar checker tool

In order to avail the cutting-edge features, you can buy the Premium Subscription, but to check the basic spelling checking, free version would work best.

5- Online Correction

As its name suggests, you can check for the corrections online. It is one of the simplest tools, and is an advanced version of TextCorrection.com. The checking and detection includes that of spelling, grammar or punctuation mistakes etc. The best thing is that it is a very easy to operate grammar and spelling correction tool. A person who is a newcomer can easily use it as it is NOT one of those heavy sites with loads of unnecessary graphics and ads. The text editor is very simple to use. It highlights the mistake in red and grammar suggestions are marked green. All you need to do is, visit their website and enter the desired text; the tool will find its grammatical mistakes.

Online Correction Tool

It also has a feature of “autocorrect” which will automatically correct few of the errors. But don’t worry; you can see those errors and corrections on the result page. What else? This tool also offers you the choice to select your dialect (American English, UK English, Australian English) etc. It will rectify your grammar mistakes as per that dialect because there are few words that have different spellings in different dialects.

6- WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is another trustable and widely used online grammar checker that you can use for your proofreading and writing improvement needs.

WhiteSmoke online grammar checker

 You can avail both the free as well as the premium versions to analyze your text for detect host of errors. The templates in the premium version help to improve the readability of your content.

Just like Grammarly, it also executes spelling, Grammar, Style, and Punctuation, etc. and. The organization also offers self-learning videos tutorials. Its core algorithm is built with artificial intelligence technology to scan your texts and also contains easy-to-navigate control panel. They are frequently enhancing the accuracy of their software.

  7-  GingerSoftware Grammar Checker

When we talk about the best grammar checkers online, the list is incomplete without this another excellent grammar checker tool which stands amongst the topmost proofreading and grammar checking tools on the internet. It is available online as well as in software form to boost your writing productivity.

GingerSoftware Grammar Checker

You can use it for free but if you want to avail the advanced features, you can look forward to the paid premium version. Along with the spelling, grammar and punctuation checking, it also offers the translation feature for 40 different languages.

Therefore, if you want to translate a word or the entire document to any of this supported language, you can do it with a single click.  But the benefits do not stop here! The Rephraser feature help to write the same meaning of the sentence by using different words and hence helps one to craft stately and high-grade sentences.  What else? The software helps you to work flexibly as it is supported by all the platforms like Android or iPhone etc. Other benefit of using this software is that it can be integrated with other tools like your Gmail, Facebook, MS-word so that whenever you commit a typing mistake, it can detect side by side.

8-  Virtual Writing Tutor

It is one of the favorite tools for the writers who are loaded with work and sometimes feel tired to write as this tool offers the writers a chance to use their microphones to convert their text into speech. Any mistakes in the speech are shown side by side. Apart from that, you can simply writer or copy-paste the text and the tool will look for the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes.

Virtual Writing Tutor

Ample of enhanced features have made it one of the highly recommended choice that you can use as a FREE version, and can also buy premium service to unlock more features.

9- Paper Rater

Last but not the least, we have Paper Rater in the list  which is an amazing online spelling and plagiarism checker tool that is completely free. It is a freemium online grammar, spelling, and plagiarism checker tool that helps the writers to check the quality of the content with a number of education levels.

Paper Rater grammar checker tool

All you need to do is upload the document or paste the text, click on the button and the software will start working on the errors and plagiarism with over thousands of documents.  You don’t need to download it. It is considered to be the best for the freelancer writers and bloggers as it offers the way to check the copied text by comparing it with 10 billion documents on their server to give the best and precise result.  It does not have computer software or browser extension so you must have an internet access.

Over to you

These are the top 9 reliable and popular best grammar checker tools which can be used by the students, bloggers, and anybody who have huge writing projects. They will act as your proofreading tools too. In the End, if I have missed any of the leading grammar checking tools, feel free to suggest and comment.

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