10 Best Google Assistant Tricks You Should Try in 2020

We all know about Google Assistant and have been using it since a while. But are you sure that you are making most of it? Google Assistant became even more prominent when Google’s latest Smart Phones Pixel and Pixel 2 are launched into the market. Most of us are familiar with simple tips like playing games, translations, getting nearby information, and more.

As Google Assistant comes with all the Android devices, you should start taking full advantage from it, otherwise there is no point of using such a lovely feature offered to take advantage of the artificial intelligence. Well, let’s find out some of the best and easiest things you could do in your daily lives using these Google Assistant tricks and tips.

1- Launch Apps, Unlock Phone, and Manage Quick Setting Toggles:

You can unlock your phone and launch apps using Google Assistant. To do that, you need to set phone to unlock with your voice go to Google Assistant Settings> “Ok Google” detection> register your voice and turn on the Trusted voice. After that, go into Settings and click on the Security> Smart Lock> and finally turn on Trusted Voice. That’s it! Now you can unlock your phone by simply saying ”Ok Google”.

Ok Google, turn on flashlight

You can also launch apps and change your quick setting toggles. Just say “Hey Google Launch Messenger” and it will start the installation and launch the app you have asked for. You can also control your quick setting toggles by saying thing like, ”Hey Google, turn on Wifi”, or “Ok Google, turn on flashlight” and it will do that for you.

2- Get the briefing of your day:

Hey Google Good Morning

You can get detailed information about all the tasks which you need to do it for the day along with other useful information like traffic and weather conditions. All you need to say is “Hey Google Good Morning” and it will provide you with the relevant information to you. One thing you need to remember is that you should be syncing your events with Google Calendar if you want to access your events through Google Assistant.

3- Play Music:

Reaching the phone is hard whenever you want to play the music you want. Here comes the Google Assistant by playing the music you want without reaching the phone. You just need to say ”Ok Google, play Havana” and it starts popping out the song from your music library or pops out on the YouTube. You can also say it like ”Ok Google Play Music” and it starts playing the music in your local list.

4- Create Your Nick Name:

Create Your Nick Name with Google Assistant

Google voice assistants are not simply machine gadgets, in fact, they are more like a human who becomes our everyday companion. So, if you want to create a nickname for yourself so that Google Assistant will remember to call you by that. Just launch the Google Assistant and say ”Call me Akash” and it will start calling with the name you mentioned during conversations.

5- Let Google Assistant remember things for you:

Let Google Assistant remember things for you

Most of the people might forget simple things even though they are important and they feel bad about forgetting after a long time. But now, you can remember all the things with the help of Google Assistant while you can stay stress-free. You can make it remember things for you. For instance, you just say “Ok Google, remember I need to go for a meeting at 6 pm”. It will remember it for you and tell you when you ask ”Do I have any work left?” or “Do I have any appointments?”. It tells you what you have asked it to remember. And yes, it can also remember multiple things you ask it to remember in a day. The best part is that you can make it forget everything you told it to remember by simply saying “Ok Google, forget everything I asked you to remember.”

6- Check your Photos or Take a Selfie:

Ok Google, Take a Selfie

Our photo gallery often gets way too cluttered. And it takes forever to find a particular photo from our collection. If you are using the Google Photos app, then you can ask the Google Assistant to show your photos depending on specific date, events, and subjects. You can simply say like ”Ok Google, show me my pictures of last event” or ”Ok Google, show me my pictures on 23-8-2018” and it pops out the pictures of that particular date in your device. While taking you won’t need to struggle a lot to reach the capture button when using the Google Assistant. You just say “Ok Google, Take a Selfie” and it starts a 3 sec countdown to take the selfie.

7- Make Google Assistant as your Entertainer:

Make Google Assistant as your Entertainer

Are you feeling bored and there is nothing much to do? Well, if you have the Google Assistant with you, it can entertain you right away. Launch the Google Assistant and say ”I’m Bored” or ”Entertain Me” and it shows a variety of fun things to do like simple games, jokes, and facts to keep you entertained.

8- Create Shopping List with Google Assistant:

Create Shopping List with Google Assistant

We might often forget a few things to purchase as we had so many things to remember. Google Assistant makes it very easy for you to remember your shopping and grocery items. When you want to purchase thing you can add that item or multiple items to your shopping list by asking the Assistant to do it for you. For instance, you can say like ”Ok Google, add bread, milk, and butter to my shopping list” and it will do that for you within no time. You can also create your new list by just saying ”Ok Google, Create a new shopping list”

9- Check out the Text Messages and Emails:

Ok Google, show me my text messages and emails

You can ask Google Assistant to display your text messages and emails. Not only it can show you but it can also read out the text messages for you and you can reply to them from the assistant itself. All you have to do is to say ”Ok Google, show me my text messages and emails” and by saying ”reply” you can read out the message what you want to send and it inserts the text. You can do the same with the Emails as well.

10- Google Assistant as Translator:

Google Assistant as TranslatorWhen you are travelling a foreign country or visiting new places out of your region you might face troubles to understand the native language. Then the Google Assistant comes into handy as you don’t need to open the Google Translate app to get your job done. You can just say ”Ok Google, translate where can I find the best place to stay to Spanish” or any other language and it will translate the sentence how it should be pronounced.

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So what are you still waiting for? Try out these simple and easy tricks to make your life more entertaining. If you just start making the most of these cool tips and tricks, then Google Assistant can be your all-time favourite companion. Also, if you have discovered some other funny and new things and tricks share them by writing in the comments section below.