Google AdSense: A beginner’s Guide

You must have heard of the success stories of bloggers and Website owners by the implementation of Google Adsense. Adsense is really a great way of earning money. Do you want to know how it works?Learn Google AdsenseIn this article, I have covered everything which you need to know before you apply for the Google’s AdSense Program. This will make you a successful online money-maker as you can plan it beforehand. So, Read On!

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a simple and free way of making money through your online ventures like blogs or websites. The Ads, relevant to your content are placed on the website. The money you will be getting is calculated on the basis of Ad clicks.

Almost 2 million people have partnered with Google for this program. It shows the effectiveness of this most convenient money making method.

What is Google AdSenseGone are those days when you had to put in a lot of hard work to get the Ads for your websites. Now, Google will find the right ads for your audience and publish them on your web pages, resulting in easy earnings.

However, you are the one responsible for controlling the Ads displaying on your site. You can choose the place where you want to display the ads. Also, it is possible to block the Ads which you don’t like. The highest paying ads go live and others stay queued. Selecting the Ad types like text and display Ads is up to the owner i.e. you.

If you are ready to earn, learn the requirements to get approval for this program.

Requirements for getting started

The main requirement is of content – the quality and quantity matters. The more amount and good quality content you have, the higher are the chances of getting accepted for the Google AdSense program. Here are the requirements listed to ease down the things for you!

Content and Web pages

You should have enough content and roughly 30-35 pages to get accepted for this program. This is the very basic requirement. Make sure you are using unique content, without breaking the infringement laws.


Google recommends putting the copyright-free or self-owned images on the web pages. If you are using images of someone else, make sure you have attributed the real owner by providing the backlinks.

Also, do not put more images. The probability of content-driven sites getting accepted for the AdSense is higher than the Image-driven sites.

Quality and relevance

Pay special attention to what you are posting. The quality is the main thing that drives the traffic. Write the articles and blogs which can drive and impress the audience. Write SEO friendly content with keeping the relevance and user-friendliness untarnished.

Once, your website has all these qualities. You should immediately apply for the AdSense. See it in action!

Making Your Website Adsense Enabled

After fulfilling all the requirements, you should register for the Adsense and enable it on your website. Here is the complete process described.

Sign into your Google Account or Sign Up

First and foremost requirement for the AdSense is a Google account. If you already have an account, simply Log in otherwise create a new account.

Sign Up for Google AdSenseSelect the Website

Choose the Website and the language which you are using to write the content.

Select the Website for Google AdSenseFill in the required Information

Finally, fill in the required information like your country, time zone, address and other things asked in the form. Submit the application and you will get the response in some days.

If your application is accepted, follow the instructions for implementation the Google AdSense on your website otherwise you need to refine your website and re-apply again.

Choose Ad type

Choose the type of Ads you want to render in your web pages. There are multiple options for it and you can select the one which you think – will get the higher number of clicks.

Choose AdSense Ad type

Use AdSense Code

If you are using AdSense on your blog powered by Blogger, you need not do anything as it Adsense is automatically implemented after approval on those blogs but if you have a website then copy the AdSense code and paste it to the place.

AdSense Code

How much can I earn with Google AdSense

The exact answer to this question can only be answered by Google. A rough estimate is – 68% of total amount is paid to the site owner on each click.

If you are having less than 500 visitors a day then the income will be very low. However, the earning is purely dependent on the clicks but traffic indirectly plays a vital role.

Chances of earning are immense and you can earn in four digits per month (in Dollars) like other successful bloggers or site owners but it needs some strong efforts and proper strategy.

How to make the people click on the Ads

It is essential that the Ads on your blog or websites get clicks. So, increase the chances of getting clicks with following ideas –

Inseparable Integration

To get the higher number of clicks, make the Ads look like the part of your own content. For this, you can choose the Ads matching your color pattern and site design. Also, text ads drag more clicks than the display Ads so link them as if they are inseparable from the blog or article you have posted.


Select the most relevant ads to get the higher number of clicks. If you have multiple categories, choose the Ads accordingly so that it matches the category.

Success MantrasSuccess Mantras for adsenseRegularity

Be regular in posting the content. The AdSense income can vary greatly each month. So, to keep up your search engine ranking, keep posting new articles per two or three days.


Be creative. Write the content in an interesting yet informative way. Create relevant images to gain more attention and subscribers.


All efforts will be wasted if you are not getting enough traffic so share your content on different social platforms and groups where you are likely to get more viewers.


Content is the King in all ways. If you will not write quality content then you won’t get readers so do not compromise with the quality at all.

SEO Friendliness

Search engines are the main source where you can get the genuine visitors. To maintain the high search engine ranking, you need to write the high-quality content with proper keyword optimization. Do not overuse the keywords too.

Don’t DOs

There are many benefits of using Google AdSense as it is a simple, effortless and effective way of earning money but there are some things which you should never do otherwise you will be BANNED.Don’t DO this with adsenseHere are those don’t Dos:

  • Stay away from Copyright infringements
  • Don’t use already banned accounts – not even the same name-mail-address combination. Google is very serious about AdSense.
  • Don’t change the AdSense code.
  • Follow all Google policies carefully.
  • No fake Ad clicks: Google is tracking the mouse pointer movement to know if the click was original or not.
  • Don’t overuse the images.

Keep the proper space on your website for the ads where users are actually reaching. AdSense is really an awesome way of earning money. The condition is – you are making it work wisely. You must have got a clear idea of the process and ways to implement it efficiently. So, prepare your site and Sign up immediately. Happy Earning!