How To Get Free .com Domain For a Year

Domain names for your own websites are unique identification strings that contain alphabets and numbers. A unique domain name of your website also helps you in identifying your businesses and individuals in today’s online world. Due to this reason people always need a unique domain on the internet for its company which is not possible for everyone to get the unique IP address of each website. Everyone needs a domain name which can be easily remembered by all and is brand-able also.

There are some hosting providers who offer a free domain name when you upgrade your hosting. If your site has outgrown the capacity which is offered by your shared hosting plan, and you want to upgrade to the virtual private server or VPS hosting then you can get a free domain name for your website. The VPS option is also more reliable and scalable for the users also.

Moreover, If you have a website and domain name already then it may be able to apply the free domain that offers to renew your domain name rather than buying a new domain. If your domain is registered with your hosting provider then it becomes easier. Also, if you are not registered then you also have not any need to worry about this, you just have to transfer your domain name to your web host provider which isn’t much burdensome.

Usually, most of the web hosting companies give you a free domain name but these companies profit from you indirectly. Besides this, Bluehost gives you free domain names to its customers who host their websites with them. The cost of the domain name is then recovered from the hosting fee.

Get Free .com Domain Like .Org/.Com/.In or Others Without Paying Any Extra –

ger free domain for one year

As the name suggests, a free domain name doesn’t require any annual fess renewal for its renewal. There are many domains names available that can be sold by a domain registrar, which is an organization or company that manages the registration of domain names. A domain name registrar needs to be registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is shortly abbreviated as ICANN. It is an International Organization that controls the functioning of domain name registrars.

Most of the people say that it is impossible to make a website with your own domain for free which is not true at all. Definitely, you can make your own website with your own domain for free. You just need to pay for is the domain name itself.

Most commonly, during the set up of your account with any free website builder then you get a free subdomain that acts as a temporary address of your site while it’s under construction. After setting up your website, you can attach a brand new (or previously purchased) domain name to your free hosting account as well. Also, you pay $10 per year approximately but the rest of the website is free.

Usually, a custom domain name is one of the most valuable keys to your valuable business website that gives a more professional look to your website. It shows that if you are looking for more customers then you can pay a small amount of $10 fee that will make your presence professional on the internet. Nowadays, website builders permit you to connect your own custom domain name.

How Can You Get a Free Domain Name?

Usually, the .com domain names cost start from US$ 1 to US$ 15 yearly. The web domain host gives some attractive discounts to new customers that’s why these prices may vary. After making the purchase a domain name it is valid for one year until it renewal. If you don’t do this then the domain name will expire which can’t be used by an individual later because it can be purchased by other users.

WordPress also gives you a free website which is pretty good, where your website always gets a WordPress subdomain. WordPress also lets you host your own domain through them though you will need to pay. There are many free hosting plans available that include a free domain name of your choice. So you can choose easily any free website domain that fits your needs best.

Bluehost is Offering Free Domain Name –

Bluehost is one of the best web domain providers in the web hosting market today that offers a comprehensive range of features and a world-class customer support. Bluehost web domain provider is not matchable to other web hosting provider which offer the same range of features but there are some shortcoming in their performances and hosting stability that’s why these are not reliable among the customers.

Also, the website which is hosted by the Bluehost is much reliable than the WordPress based sites due to its purchasing SSL certifications, and up-to-date staying. Bluehost includes a free domain for one year. The domain name is the primary domain which you can use for your hosting plan and it is absolutely free of cost available.

Creating a new domain requires a lot of effort on research alone because you need to come with a domain name that is unique and minds catching too. In today’s internet world, it is very hard to come up with a keyword based domain name that is not already taken so you need to assemble all your creativity just to make one.

Moreover, it never requires more efforts in registering your domain name. It also has not any need to mention using all known internet marketing strategies just to make your domain which is ranked in the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Usually, making the domain name for website recognized by search engines requires a lot of hard work because you have to make sure that it is optimized enough.

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Money Back Guarantee –

Bluehost web domain provider has a 30-day money back guarantee by which you can receive a full refund of your basic hosting fees if you are not satisfied with its services. Also, if you cancel your hosting plan within 3 days from the first day of registration then you get an option to either keep the domain in your possession or you can terminate the domain and later which you get a full refund of your fees.

Always make it note that if you cancel it after 3 days or choose to keep the domain name price deducted from the total refund then it is $15.99. Also, if you cancel the hosting plan then the domain can be used with another hosting company or transferred out to another registrar.

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