How to get a free US Mobile number for verifications?

Are you seeking a way through which one can receive a virtual US number outside America? We understand that there are many times users need it for verifying their online accounts like PayPal, Google, Twitter, and Facebook among others. No one can deny the fact that Play Store is full of apps that claims to provide such verifications, but all of them come with some sort of limitations.

In this post, we are going to tell you about five superb apps that offer Free US Phone number for verifications for users living outside America. Have a look at each one & then choose that seems most appropriate. 

1- GoHeyWire App

Our list will start with this GoHeyWire that allow the users for getting US mobile number. You can easily get this number without paying anything. It can be used for both sending texts & calls. Have a look at the set of features available in this app below:

  • The users can send free SMS to any mobile phone in the United States & Canada. 
  • Instant voice messages can be sent instantly to others.
  • Work even if the internet speed is lower
  • Provide global text to Twitter service
  • Auto-reply in the case of unavailability
  • Download GoHeyWire App

2- TextPlus App

TextPlus App

Another wonderful option for completing US phone number verifications is TextPlus. Wi-Fi used by this app for texting instead of traditional cell signal. Apart from the United States, this app can be used for calling to many international countries like Mexico, the United Kingdom, China, Canada, and among others. Take a look at the major features of TextPlus App below:

  • It is a completely free app that can work for both phone calls & text messaging. 
  • Highly compatible with various mobile devices like Android, iPhone, and iPad. 
  • It is equipped with a group messaging feature for both Android & iOS software.
  • Users have the search option for finding friends or other TextPlus users with the help of username & phone number.
  • Download TextPlus App

3- Talkatone – Call and Text for Free

Talkatone is one of the most brilliant free calling apps that have gone through tons of modifications over the years. There is unlimited free calls & texts service offered to all the numbers within the United States and Canada. It is an action-packed app having a great sort of features that can be very useful. Check out the list of features available in this Talkatone app below: 

  • Customizable voicemail greetings for a better experience
  • Provide complete protection to the passcode 
  • Equipped with call blocking feature
  • Pretty easy to understand
  • Download Talkatone

4- TextMe Up – Free US Phone Number

If you are one of those people who love color schemes, then this TextMe Up app is the right option to choose. It has a light blue interface providing a free phone number for calling as well as texting. You can download the app with the same number without any problem. Please have a look at the major features in this app below:

  • It has very impressive functionality for sending & receiving pictures, videos, and other files.
  • The users can invite other people from their contacts for connecting with someone who isn’t using this app. 
  • There is a great range of methods available on the app, including filling out surveys, & watching videos. It can be done by using credits available with a subscription. 
  • Download TextMeUp App

5- Dingtone


The next app for free US phone number verifications is Dingtone that action-packed with a solid set of features. It is a well-known app used by millions of people all over the country. The process to register for this mobile company is very easy. There is no need to pay heavy tariffs charged by this platform. Look out the features available in Dingtone below:

  • The users can add multiple lines using this app for managing their business in a better manner.
  • The people who install this app will receive a free vanity number from Digitone that can be very useful for US phone number verifications.
  • Give an easy & cheap method to make US calling
  • Equipped with other useful features like mobile fax, conference calling, and voicemail.
  • Download Dingtone App

Which one of these apps do you find the most useful? As you can see, each of them offers their set of features that can be useful for the users. If you believe that we have missed the name of your favorite app, then please write it in the comment section.

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