8 Website to Create Free Logo Design Online

Are you looking for a logo that is completely adapted to your needs and that you can modify it yourself? Here you will find different options with explanations on how to create your own logo online for free!

If you are thinking of creating a new logo or updating the one you already have, I let you know that there are a number of web applications or programs to make logos online in a matter of minutes! With these programs, you can make a definitive logo or simply create a sketch to use it temporarily until you develop the final model using a free logo maker online.

A professional logo design will reflect the values of our brand and, definitely, our company, through the use of shapes, colors, and typographies. Its objective is to become the face-to-face image of a series of values and objectives that we must have clear from the beginning, these values and image, will help our company stand out from the competition in the market that is why the image of our product is important.

We will find free logo creator that offers us solutions in numerous designs and styles for our modern logo without the need to invest a lot of money for its creation. But what is the importance of a logo design? The answer is simple. The key is to memorize it quickly. This way it will be possible to remember and identify in the future on any platform of the communication channel. For a logo to be memorable, colors play an important role.

To make your corporate image a success, here I will introduce you 8 website to create free logo maker online:

  1. Design Mantic (www.designmantic.com)

For all those professionals who lack creative qualities or who cannot afford a designer, this tool makes your work much easier. In addition to the logos generated and offered automatically, there are few, but useful, editing options for personalization. I leave you an example of the logos that have generated automatically after indicating the company name and the slogan:

This is a logo generator free that allows us to develop designs in a short time, although there are not many editing options they are enough to give a personal touch so it becomes very intuitive and easy to use tool.

Apart from offering as the main service creation of logo design in just four steps, it also has complementary services to which the design we have used can be integrated. These include a web page design, business cards, t-shirts, and letterheads. It also allows you to create designs for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ headers with templates of the tool itself or with images that we upload.

DesignMantic allows you to use its tool in its entirety but once you want to download the design that we have created, we must create an account.

  1. Logosea (www.logosea.com/en/)

Logosea Free Logo Design

If you are wondering how to design a logo then this website has the option to create your logo for free and without registration.

The advantage of using this free logo maker online is that it gives us the option to create our logo from scratch or create using a template default options that the same web page offers. Then we customize by adding the name of our company. In the pop-up box we can customize the font color and face and in the center, we can modify the text size and orientation.

When finished, we can download the logo, download it in pdf format, print it, save it and continue later or load saved design. We choose the one that suits us best and that’s it!

This website offers modern logos and you can have your own professional logo design in few minutes to obtain as a result an original, timeless, unique, exclusive work that runs away from trends.

  1. Free Logo Services (www.freelogoservices.com)

Free Logo Services

This is another free logo creator option. With Free Logo Services, you will have access to a large selection of logo categories for your company and you will be able to create a free logo from the comfort of your home.

Just enter your company name and choose the slogan that best fits the service you provide. Then you can edit it by modifying fonts, sizes, and colors, in addition to the format or size in which you want to save it.

This logo generator free also has the option to create and design your business card with your company logo with the same edition choices.

  1. Logo Maker (www.logomaker.com)

Logo Maker

The figures of this tool speak for themselves since more than 3 million logos have been created using this page to create a professional logo design.

We do not need to download a software or spend money to pay someone to create our corporate image, we just need an Internet connection, a computer and 10 minutes or less to give life to the logo brand that will identify our product or service.

Like the previous options, we must only choose the desired logo, put the name of the company, edit if necessary and download it, but first, we must register.

  1. Online Logo Maker (www.onlinelogomaker.com)

Online Logo Maker

Create your own free logo easily and simply with this online designer.

To use this website, you do not need to register and another good news is that if you have created different logos, you can save them, but also, you have the option to register if you want it, if you do it, the application will let you modify them whenever you need it.

How to create your own logo? Easy, first put your company name, select an available vector or upload your desired image, customize it and save it on your computer.

  1. Mikons (www.mikons.com)


This page resembles a social network only for the creators of logos and for that, we must register.

You can give life to your ideas thanks to this free logo creator and identify your company with a personal design. If you wish, you can draw to create one and then share it with the public and be in contact with other users to share ideas.

Also, if you register on this website, you will create your logo for free, sell your creations and the site will charge some percentage of your earnings.

  1. Logo Factory Web (www.logofactoryweb.com)

Logo Factory Web

Do you need your own logo? Then this is your opportunity to have it by using this website to design it for free and download it directly to your computer.

How to design a logo? It includes a video tutorial as a guide to use and learn how to have your own logo in few steps. Unlike many pages that offer the possibility of creating a free logo, with Logo Factory you do not need to create an account to download your creation.

  1. Logo Snap (www.logosnap.com)

Logo Snap

If you still do not decide on the type or style of logo that will represent your company, brand or product, thanks to this online program, you can see and look for the logo that you like to be the image with which your customers can identify you.

You will have a professional logo design in an instantaneous by just selecting your company industry and the page will show you a variety of logos and you will have the option to decide which one you identify with the most.

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Remember, for a logo to be effective it must be a simple design so that its shape is easily recognizable and it should be composed with at least 3 colors and thus it will be memorable and versatile. Therefore, you can take advantage of the different options that the internet offers to create a logo design for free. If you have any question please let me know in the comments section.