Blogging Tools

Want to establish a blogging brand? Here is a fully-fledged list of best blogging resources and Tools

Are you new to blogging? Or your blogging website is not getting enough fame and traffic?

Good writing and impressive images are not the only things you need to run a traffic-dragging blog. You need to have useful and powerful arrows (tools) in your bow to hit the bulls-eye. The search engine optimization, unique and error-free content, good images and good platforms are some of the basic needs to be successful.

best blogging resources and Tools

Here, I am going to list down the best-recommended blogging resources, tools, and services which I have personally used to increase the potential of my blog.

Blogging Platform

There are plenty of good blogging platforms to develop your reputation like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc. but when it comes to money-making – WordPress is my only choice.


WordPress (most specifically – is the most preferred platform for blogging. With more than 25% sites running on this platform, you have least restrictions, limitless flexibility, amazing scalability and most opportunities. It requires no technical knowledge to change the layout or content. You can easily customize it on your own

Web Hosting

You must have heard about many hosting providers like Siteground, Inmotion, Bluehost, Hostgator and SitePoint. You need not put higher amount in hosts, here are the most affordable and suitable hosting for the bloggers –


BlueHost is the recommended hosting provider by WordPress officially. Affordable prices, good support, 99.99% uptime, free domain and quick start guidance makes them a perfect choice for every blogger.


The Hostgator also owns a good reputation as an eco-friendly and cost-efficient host. Their plans are great and they throw up good discounts time to time. You have choices to choose the package which suits you with easy upgrade and degradation facilities.

Domain Name Registration

Keep the domain name meaningful, trendy, easy to remember, and eye-catching. You can rely on GoDaddy unconditionally for getting your domain registered.


GoDaddy is a well-known domain registrar with impressive prices and good services. You can buy and manage domain names with them.

WordPress Themes

Once you have host, domain, and a WordPress sitting perfectly in the place. Let’s move to give an attractive look to your website. Here are awesome ways of providing a startling layout to your website.

Genesis Theme

Many successful blogs love this theme due to its scalability and capabilities. Genesis Theme, prepared by StudioPress, will power you up with custom templates, mobile-responsive design, and many excellent options. You can choose it with both eyes closed.


The ThemeForest offers amazing themes at good prices. This reliable marketplace has perfect designs, secure themes and good offers for their users.

Email marketing software

Email marketing is and will always be the best of marketing your content or products. Here are some great and effective tools for efficient e-mail marketing.


GetResponse offers e-mail creator for beautiful e-mails, automated mail facility, landing page designs and easy-to-use platform. You can achieve good conversion rates by using it.


Aweber is a popular e-mail marketing service. Excellent auto-responders, live webinars, e-newsletter templates and other e-mail related operations can be easily carried out through it.

Social Media Tools

Increasing tendency of users to use social media, groups, and apps have turned on the chances of getting good response and traffic from there. Here are some good tools for bloggers –


It is the most widely used tool for social marketing. Hootsuite allows users to manage multiple social accounts at one place. Their easy dashboard and appreciate capabilities can save you precious time with convertible marketing.

Buffer app

The Buffer is an awesome app for sharing your posts by scheduling or automating them.  Publishing and analyzing are super-easy if you use Buffer.


ViralTag is a good tool if you have visual content. It is specifically awesome for Pinterest and Instagram posts.

SEO Software

It search engines are not highlighting your content, then it worth nothing. To be a high-ranker on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing – Optimize your content well.


Semrush is a reliable SEO tool which will let you track keyword ranking, do keyword research, check backlinks, know competitor ranks & do a complete SEO audit. So, it is a complete package at a convenient cost.

Affiliate Programs

Most of the bloggers are making more money by affiliate marketing than the ads. Here is a list of trustworthy place for affiliate marketing –


ShareAsale is a great network offering notable merchant list to choose from. They can bring a good earning to your pockets with their pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead offers.


Clickbank is another amazing marketplace, offering affiliate marketing. You can choose products and create HopLink for getting a commission on the sales you have made.

Commission Junction

CJ, formerly called Commission Junction, is an online advertisement company which provides affiliation, media marketing, and tracking services to its user.

Monetization Program

Monetization allows you to generate revenue from the content, videos, Infographics, and other copyrighted works through the ads.

Google AdSense

AdSense, a Google’s service, will stay on top due to its easy way of generating revenue. You need not find Ad publishers as Google will manage it all.


Infolinks is a text advertisement network which works perfectly well for earning through the textual content. Texts have higher conversion rates than other ads so it forms a great money-making opportunity for you. You can use them as an alternate for Google AdSense if your blog has domination of text content,

CDN (Content delivery network)

To lighten-up your blogging website and increase the loading speed, you should prefer using CDNs i.e. Content Delivery Networks. Here are top-notch quality service providers –


MaxCDN is one of the most popular CDNs around the web. It can help your site load at a lightning fast speed. The reliable service and reasonable cost make them a great opt out.


High security, sensible pricing and great proximity of their servers are enough to select them as a good CDN. CloudFlare is also leading as a DDoS (Distributed Domain name server) protection service. The best part is –they are FREE.

Business Service

e-mail is the most suitable and professional way of growing business. I recommend Google’s service to get mail addresses –

Google Apps for Work

The Google Apps for work is well-suited for the professional email accounts. You can get multiple mailing accounts which include the commercialized mail addresses ( to give your emails a legit look.

Blogging is a great way to live your writing passion along with making loads of money if you are doing it right. Using good and efficient tools is always a witty step. If you are not doing it yet, start from this very moment.

I am using these tools to keep my blogging website sustain decently. Among the tools I shared above – Affiliates, monetization, and SEO tools will be keeping you in good position on search engines and bank balance while other tools will enhance your blogging experience by providing an easy, clean and secure publishing way of posting articles or other works.

So, utilize them to the full and comment with your experiences, and new tools to help other bloggers!