9 Killer Tips to make money online?

A small endeavor to interpret the ways of making money through the Internet.

Being captive by your boss and job in this democratic country gives heartache to every frustrated job holder. But after thinking about the no way out of this labyrinth, the person again joins his or her workplace with disappointment. But will not be wondrous, if we tell you that there are numerous ways to make a perfect living from online, even a lavish lifestyle can be maintained. You may have already come across some hocky-pocky websites and loosen up some big investment or hope, but we have the ways and legit websites which will give you money as per your level of work and knowledge. The best part about this is, you will be paid as per the effort given. But one thing needs to be kept in mind, nothing can come easy, you have to put effort and dedication. So let’s have a look at the same.

# Paid Writing

Get Paid for Writing
If we talk about writers and literature, then internet can be a boon for their earnings. The main qualities you need to earn well are mentioned below.

• Good English knowledge (basically, you need to be fluent in grammar and spellings. If you are a beginner, then also no need to worry about, because time will teach you everything, if you put the dedication)

• Perfect hand in web research ( you need to gather all the information from the web)

• Good typing skill with typo errors and some analytical skill.

And the best part is, it is not true that only creative writers can work here, because it offers so many amazing writing jobs, which are more informative and less creative, i.e. resume writing, seo writing, keyword optimization, blog writing etc. Some of the legit websites are:

  • https://www.mturk.com
  • https://www.upwork.com
  • https://contentmart.com
  • https://www.iwriter.com
  • https://www.fiverr.com

All the above mentioned websites are mostly providing free account to start and earn money as per your work level. A research says that freelance writers are getting 10$-40$ per hour.

# Blogging

Make Money Online By Blogging
If you are a creative, adventurous, a very good hand in writing, and you know what to write for your own target audience, then just go for the blogging. Blogging can be defined as providing new and creative topic on an interesting niche to the people as per their style of view. The main point is all about bringing the crowd’s attention to your blog or website and increase the traffic, hence you can do the advertisement and earn money. There are huge numbers of people outside who is running the blogs on their own and earning a decent amount of money. To give a good head start it is recommended to start your blog with wordpress.org, wordpress.com, tumblr, blogger, squarespace, Hubpages, etc. Before you start, it will be more recommendable to visit and read some good blogs and gain the idea of how to write those.

# Trading 

Make Money Online By Trading
You must have heard about the billionaires, came-out only from trading, and also some losers who claims trading as a gambling. The human nature is, when you are unable to get success in anything then you start to pull the same down. But if you are really dedicated, then stock trading can be a big source of income for you. The essential part is it totally needs time, dedication and the crave of learning the stock market. So if you are really interested to play with the stocks and earn a huge money, then just start investing your time into learning the stock market movement, graphs and read books about the methods of trading and try the same in many available virtual trading platforms. Another essential part of trading is, it needs a huge patience, because only a stone hearted man can hold his breath when the stock price going down. But remember till the time your money is in the market, then it will remain as a virtual loss, so there is a potential of profit again, only patience and experience matters.

# Buying and Selling of Domains

Selling or Buying Domains
This business is not new but less low trendy. This a highly profitable online business like, i.e. share investment, real estate investment. This business basically deals in buying of one website domain with good potential and selling it with a higher trade. But the main part is to find some portals having websites for sale, which are:
Forum marketplaces (Digital Point forums, Experienced-People.net, Warriorforum.com, etc.)
Website brokers (Wesellyoursite.com, FlippingEnterprises.com, etc.)
Website marketplaces (Bizbuysell.com, Flippa.com, WebsiteBroker.com, etc.)
The foremost important part need to be considered is looking for the market value, demand and the potential of the website, which you are buying.

# YouTube

Make Money by YouTube

YouTube can be considered as a perfect marketplace for those who are very innovative in creating new interesting stuffs and good web hunter. You can make a video of your new tutorial or something that people will be fond of the same, and post the same in YouTube. If you get a good amount of view and like then you tube will pay you and also you will start earni9ng by endorsing ads. Your video can be anything, i.e. teaching tutorial, gaming tutorial, anything from your own mind that will make people crazy.

# Online Marketing

Make Money by Online Markeing
Online or internet marketing simply means to the web version of regular marketing of a product. This refers to bring the direct client base to a specific product via online advertising. Basically, the same is 3 types, i.e. web marketing, email marketing, social media marketing. Web marketing includes the advertisement through various websites. Marketing via emails is called email marketing and promoting your product via any social media (Facebook, twitter, google plus, dig etc.) is called social media marketing. You can promote your own business or can earn by promoting the business of your clients.

# Online Shop

Create a Online Shop and Make Money
If you have capital, and potential, then just start some innovative business online like, shop of some essentials or selling some ideas or tuition or anything, which will satisfy the needs of the people.

# Freelancing

Basically, freelancing means working for clients, by being boss on yourself. You just have to find the right client to get some good work as per your capability and get paid after completing the same. The internet is a good place to find such jobs and clients. Online writing is one of the best job as a freelancer. Though I have already mentioned the same above, I am going to talk about the rest, i.e. web research, transcription, data entry, advertisement posting, finance and accounting related work, web designing and development, app developer, artist and much more. It’s just like you can find any category of job you are good about, only it’s your dedication, which will make you successful. Some legit websites for free lancing are. Fiverr, freelance, upwork, amazon mtrunk, guru, simplyhired, peopleperhour, etc.

# Photography

Choose Photography to Make Money
If you are good at clicking fantastic snaps and also having a very good hand in photoshop or any editing tool, then you should sell your photo online to get good money and fame. Good websites are: alamy, smugmug, istockphoto, fotolia, dreams time, stockxpert, etc.

If you are getting rid of your boss and job life and want to spend enough time with your loved ones then online job is best for you. 

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  1. Out of the list the top source is blogging and many people are making money through blogging. my income sources are blogging, P.T.C & Selling my own products online in ebay. Now starting a fresh affiliate blog on hostings.. thanks for sharing your ideas and knowledge.

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