8 Royalty Free Image Websites for Blogs Posts and Social Media

8 Royalty Free Image Websites for Blogs Posts and Social Media


If you are a blogger then you must be well-versed with this rule:

That every blogger, whether he is an amateur or a pro is required to ornament almost all of his blog posts with real great images, as they act as mind stimulators and helps us in gaining our reader’s attention.

  • What does Royalty mean?

‘Royalty’ is nothing but the amount of revenue income which is earned, on the use of one’s copyrighted work.

  • What is the meaning of Copyright?

In simple words, copyright means that the creator of an article exclusively gets the sole right to publish and/or sell their work. They have a control over the reproduction or reuse of the same.

  • What are Royalty Free images?

If you use something which is ‘royalty free’ you use the copyrighted or intellectual work, without paying its creator any extra royalty fee or license fee. A copyrighted work can be anything and this includes images.

Suppose you are the licensor of your image, in a stock photography site, you are said to make them royalty-free when you allow the licensee of your image, to use it without paying additional royalty charges to you.

  • Are Royalty-free images free?

It depends on upon which image website you choose for photos, some charge you for using them as they are not price-free they are just royalty-free, while others provide royalty-free images absolutely free.

  • What happens when you buy a Royalty-Free image?

You can use the image for any purpose; you want whether it is for commercial or non-commercial use.

      • You can use royalty-free for unlimited time period.
      • You will get the right to use the image, once you’ve made a purchase
  • Top Royalty Free Image Websites For Blogging

Need high resolutions copyright and royalty free images for your blog, websites or social media posts? These free images websites will help you find one.

Some of these image websites will provide you the option of smart image filters’ this would help you in finding an image as per its dominant color, body dimensions, picture resolutions etc.

The luxuries of becoming the member of such free image sites are that you could see such images which are not visible to the general public; you could even get discounts, special offers, and other such benefits.

1] Pixabay

pixabayIf you want professional copyright free images, royalty free and free stock photos with high resolution for your websites, blogs, and social media platforms or for any other commercial use, Pixabay would give you thousands of quality free photos in its to choose from. Not only this, you can even find free videos and vectors too.

2.] Pexels


Pexels is known for its rich database of Creative Common Images (CC0) it means that they can be used for any commercial or promotional purpose until it’s legal. Just like Flickr, it would offer you high-resolution free stock photos slash RF photos all in one place, to be used in different places.

3.] Unsplash

unsplashAdd RF photos and free copyright images on your blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram posts and websites articles etc. with Unsplash’CC0 free high-resolution images in a go! And increase your online viewers and readers with these attractive stock image free photos. They have rightly said “Free (do whatever you want)”

4.] Photopin


Here, you will get millions of high resolution free public domain or creative common (CC0) images this includes photographs, images, vectors and illustrations to pin onto your blogs, websites, and other pictorial works. This is a place where all bloggers, designers, website developers and other such creatives meet for free highly defined stock and royalty free photos.

5.] Freerangestock


For absolutely free images you can visit Free Range Stock. Here, you will find a wide range of high resolutions photos, stock images free photos you can visit Freerangestock, even its tagline says “Good Photos, Totally Free”. Now you can get some royalty free good photos for your blogs, websites, and other work.

6.] Publicdomainpictures


Pictures  on public domain can be used for both private and commercial purpose ,they do not only give, high picture quality images slash photographs  but they also presents you with pictures whose copyright has expired, this also includes stock free images, copyright free images and RF images too.

7.] Stocksnap


They add, each day hundreds of new high resolution and high-quality images, clicked by professional photographers where all these images are copyright free images, it is loved by many bloggers and social media marketers and other online users for including images on their content.

8.] Flickr


The most popular of among online image websites is Flickr, which has millions of free high-resolution CC0 or public domain images in it; a majority of them are copyright free images and free stock photos too. These image creative-commons allow bloggers to use their image, provided they are given recognition in image source. You can only use CC0 images only when you comply with its license conditions, one of them is attributions. You must give proper attribution (formal acknowledgment of ownership) to the author, by mentioning the name of original work title if any, creator’ name, source and license name. (How to find Pictures from Flickr – Tutorial By Harsh Agarwal)

The benefits of royalty-free images are:

  • One flat price: You will have to pay the creator of an image only once i.e. one flat amount of price. This way you won’t have to make payment to him, every time you use a single unit of his work.
  • Can be modified: The one who sells his images makes sure that all his images can be used for the varied purpose by modifications if needed. You can even select the resolution you need.
  • Easy Download: You can make a quick download, without any fuss. And use it for diverse purposes for eternity.
  • No legal issues: Once you get your hands on royalty free images, by purchasing them. You will not have to worry about their misuse that can welcome legal actions.

A good image is needed by all, whether it’s a website post or a commercial on newspaper. You can visit these sites to enhance your well-written texts, because no matter how good one’s content is, it won’t be the best if an image complementing the subject of content is not added to it.

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