5 Unsurpassed tips to flourish in the world of blogging

I am not very fond of the typical 10 tips, 10 errors … because most are just looking to get spread (I like to see the data in terms of conversions, visiting times, rebound, etc. etc.) and councils do not provide much value. But it is also true that you sometimes find some interesting things in the form of advice, useful web, applications, etc. So I’ll try to make as short a list as possible and list some very useful tips for beginners’ bloggers or people who are thinking of creating it.

Five tips that I would have liked to start my blog with would be:

  • Beat the fear of writing

Beat the fear of writing

The first thing on the agenda is to break the mental barrier that we all have before we start writing.

You must start by having a clear idea (it does not have to be 100% defined) on the subject on which you want to write. Once you have that, stop mulling over it and start right away. Not next week or next month. Make your own blog and write the first post. It is free and it takes 10 minutes.

You’ll have time to choose the design you like the best, the photo and a few other things. The most important thing is to start writing.

It is normal for the first few weeks that you’ll probably write low-quality posts or won’t be too enamored with what you’ve written etc. but the good news? As you’ve just started, no one knows you and therefore, nobody reads it. Therefore, the impact is minimal. It’s time to learn and time to better yourself.

  • Quality before quantity

Quality before quantity

If you don’t have anything that you find interesting, you better not write. So, it is not about writing much, but writing things that add value to your blog.

There are many bloggers who write every single day. In my opinion (by pure logic, not from experience), it is impossible to maintain the level of quality day after day.

Writing every single day has the benefit of staying at the ‘top of the mind’ of your readers, but the problem is whether you do it in a quality way (the type of content and quality, and thus the type of audience) and if this will help you achieve your goals.

Especially at the beginning, I recommend that you lay the foundations of your blog posts and deal with the issues in depth. Write 4-5 posts that we call ‘depth charges’, combined with shorter posts.

As time progresses, you will discover your own personal style.

  • Work hard and stay committed

Work hard and stay committed

Keeping a blog while you work full-time, have a family, study etc. is somewhat complicated. You have to carve out time from your free time and this will make you doubt whether it’s worth the effort.

Every minute you spend on your blog, it will be beneficial for you and your career.

Be patient. Once you have overcome the fear of writing and you have entered into the dynamics of it all, it is just a matter of working hard. Look towards your goal and build the path that will lead you to the zenith of success. You will see that before you know it, very positive things will start to happen to you with this amateur blog.

  • Do not pretend to be what you are not

Do not pretend to be what you are not

Your blog is a reflection of your knowledge and experiences (personal and professional).

Some posts will be written with a certainty that they are correct, others will be an idea that is taking shape, but what should never be is something that does not reflect your reality.

Although the post is based on the content of a third party, always try to contribute your opinion, to give it your personal touch.

Remember one vital thing:

Everything you post on the Internet is a part of your reputation.

That is to say:

If you pretend to be something you’re not, you’re sure to catch defeat.

Everything you post, positive or negative, will be a part of the image that others have of you, so try to tilt the balance toward the positive.

  • Try to be humble

Try to be humble

Measure your success by the positive things that happen to you and try not to pay too much attention to your ego.

Social networks and blogs are full of bright lights in the form of fans, traffic number, shares of your posts, the number of subscribers, etc.

It is normal that at times, you pay attention to all the attention and you love it. It happens to all of us.

The important thing is that this is not the way you measure the success of your blog. This will depend on whether it meets the targets set: the leads, the collaboration proposals … or just because you enjoy writing.

Some additional points to remember are:

  1. Develop a blog with style and for that typography and colors are paramount. Search Google Fonts and do not choose colors that look like meaningless combinations.
  2. The choice of the logo for your project is very important. If people can remember you from your logo, then it’s a job well done! You can find multiple options on sites like Graphic River, Fiverr and many more.
  3. Make Networking Yes or Yes. As much as you try to promote yourself through social networking networks, the power is unmatched. Sometimes, it may cost more than you’re willing to spend but trust me! It’s well worth the price!
  4. From the outset, you have to create network partners (Team) for all those things that are not your strong point. It may be graphic design ,content writing ,product development or anything else. But the range of things that one has to learn is so great in this new paradigm of self 2.0 one, that it is not possible for everyone to achieve this goal alone.

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