21 Must have WordPress plugins

A plugin is a way to extend or add the functionality which already exists in WordPress. WordPress plugins offer custom features and functions so that the users can edit their sites according to their needs.

Usually, beginners often get confused when they are trying to select best plugins among the abundance available. So, here we have made a list of 21 WordPress plugins you must as they will go a long way in making your website a success.

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Download WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is the best plugin to use when you want high site ranking and more earning through your website. It helps in content management, page analysis, technical Search engine optimization for WordPress, feed optimization, and breadcrumb management to make your site perfect for the search engines.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Download Google Analytics Plugin

Google Analytics for WordPress allows you to track blogs Visitor Activity easily and to stay up to date with best functional characteristics of Google Analytics.

MonsterInsights has created one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins which is being used by more than 11 million WordPress users.

  • W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

W3 Total Cache plugin is a WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework and is designed to improve page speed and user experience. It helps you increase server performance and reducing the download times. It also proves transparent content delivery network integration.

All these functionalities are attained by caching the database objects, CSS, feeds, JavaScript, pages and search results.

It is widely recommended by web hosts like Host Gator, Go Daddy and much more.

  • Thirsty affiliate

Thirsty affiliate

Download Thirsty affiliate Plugin

This plugin empowers the website owners by providing tools needed to monetize WordPress websites with affiliate marketing. It will transform your ugly affiliate links into pretty ones and also give you the benefit of protecting your commissions from online theft.

It also assists you with inserting links into posts, pages, and comments.

  • Google XML sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps

Download Google XML sitemaps Plugin

Google XML sitemaps help generate special XML sitemaps that help search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. to better index your blog. It becomes easier for the crawlers to explore the structure of your site completely and then retrieve it efficiently. In its 9-year history, this plugin has been rated as one of the best WordPress plugins.

  • WP forms

WP forms

Download WP forms Plugin (Premium Paid Plugin)

WP Forms helps you create beautiful contact forms, payment forms, subscription forms and any other type of forms you want in merely minutes. It is also highly optimized for server and web performance as the speed is very important when it comes to SEO and conversion.

  • Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7

Download Contact Form 7 Plugin

Contact Form 7 helps you manage multiple contact forms at once. Additionally, you can also customize the forms and the mail contents with simple markup.  The form also supports Ajax-powered submitting, Akismet Spam filtering, CAPTCHA and much more.

  • Ad Inserter


Download Ad Inserter Plugin

This is a simple yet very powerful plugin which helps insert any code into WordPress and is perfect for AdSense and contextual ads. You just need to enter any HTMP/PHP code and then select how and where you want to display the ad.

  • OptinMonster


Download OptinMonster Plugin

It is a fact that over 70% of your website visitors view your website, read your blog and never return. OptinMonster helps you increase your number of visitors. It helps you to grow your email list and in getting more subscribers with a popup and other high converting opt-in forms.

  • Sumo Me

Sumo Me

Download SumoMe Plugin

This is a plugin very similar to OptinMonster. It helps you by providing free tools which are needed to grow your WordPress site. SumoMe makes it easier for your readers to join your email list,social Media Channels and optimize with analytics and share your articles.

  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Q2W3 Fixed Widget

Download Q2W3 Fixed Widget Plugin

Q2W3 Fixed Widget is a plugin which helps you in fixing the position of the widget when the page is scrolled down. It even helps in making sure that the widget is always in sight whenever the page is scrolled up or down. You can even stick more than one widget on the page.

  • Disable Comments

Disable Comments

Download Disable Comments Plugin

This plugin allows the administrator to disable comments on any page, post, or attachment so that settings cannot be altered. It also removes the comment-related fields from edit screens. Comment related items can also be removed from the Widgets, Dashboard, Admin Bar, and Admin Menu.

  • WP Content Copy Protector

WP Content Copy Protector

Download WP Content Copy Protector Plugin

This plugin helps protect the post’s content by disabling the right clicks and control key so that no one can steal your authentic work. This plugin will protect your posts and home page by multiple techniques of JavaScript and CSS.

  • Disqus Comment System

Disqus Comment System

Download Disqus Comment System Plugin

Disqus (pronounced as Discuss) is a tool for web discussions and comments. This makes comments easier and attractive while also connecting websites and its commenters through a discussion community. This WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates using Disqus API and syncing which WordPress comments.

  • Facebook Comments

Facebook Comments

Download Facebook Comments Plugin

The Facebook Comments plugin for WordPress makes in incredibly easy for you to setup, administer and customize all the Facebook comments on your post or page from your WordPress site. You can insert the comment box as a shortcode (using the shortcode [fbcomments]) into post or page and then use your own settings every time you do it.

  • WP Smush for Image Optimization

WP Smush for Image Optimization

Download WP Smush Plugin

This plugin helps you resize and optimize images with the free and powerful image smasher.

Large image files always slow your site, degrading the user experience. WP Smush helps you to quickly smash all the images in your site and removes the unnecessary data which slows down your site.

  • Hide featured images

Hide featured images

Download Hide featured images Plugin

This plugin allows you to hide the featured images on the single posts and pages. It also supports custom post types. It is significantly useful when you want to hide the featured image from specific single posts, without implementing the same for other posts.

  • Sucuri Security

Sucuri Security

Download Sucuri Security Plugin

Sucuri Security plugin for WordPress is a security tool for malware detection, security hardening, and security integrity monitoring. This is a security suite meant to complement the existing security posture of your site. It comes with four key security features which make your site safe.

  • CommentLuv


Download CommentLuv Plugin

CommentLuv is a WordPress plugin which helps bring traffic and comments to your blog or page by giving your site the ability to fight spam, integrate twitter link, add keywords, add top commenters widget and much more. It also rewards your readers by placing a link automatically to their last post at the end of their comment.

  • TablePress

Table Press

Download TablePress Plugin

This plugin allows you to create beautiful tables and then embed them into your posts or pages with simple shortcodes. The created tables many contain any type of data including formulae and can be imported/exported to/from Excel, HTML and CSV files.

  • Optimize database after revision

Optimize database after revision

Download Optimize database after revision Plugin

This plugin optimizes the WordPress database by cleaning it. It helps you delete the redundant revisions of your previous posts and pages. It also deletes the trashed posts, pages, spammed comments, unused tags and more. However, if you want to keep revisions for posts, then you need to create a field named ‘keep_revisions’ for that specific post.

There were some of the best plugins technology has to offer. I hope this information was useful and will make your WordPress experience much better. These plugins can help you increase the site security and earning along with making the user interface better, to attract visitors. Try them and share your experience here.

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